Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday Manicure - Marble Nail Art

I have literally re-written this post around five times as every time I have gone to publish it something has always come up and I have never got round to doing it. I've offically broken one of my new years resolutions this week by keeping blogging to a minimal. Tut tut Simderella!!

I have been swept off my feet and spent the last seven days ticking off long lists of things to do both at work, at home (and in the gym...damn you easter eggs why were you so irresistible!). However, this has meant I have lots to share with you blogwise! Hooray.

I have been planning on trying out marble art nails for over a year now! This Sunday A few Sunday's ago I finally made an attempt and to my dissapointment I found it extremely difficult! There are sooo many good tutorials to follow I just can't seem to get the nack of it. My favourite being over on Polish and Pearls a.k.a @

None the less I managed to produce some marble-esque nails for my week ahead!

I used the following colours.....

L to R
Nails Inc - Belgrave Square
No7 - Grey Skies
Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream

On my sparkly accent nails I used Spark De Triomphe by O.P.I

An old pot, some toothpicks and followed a tutorial @ to help me...

Toothpicks and an old GU Jar
The outcome had to be taken in true beauty blogger style...Outside Oxford Circus!....TADA

Not so shabby for my first attempt...I now can't wait to get experimenting with different colours and patterns but next on my list is ombre sponge nail art!

Have you/will you be trying Marble Art Nails? 


  1. well done, looks good. I always find water marbling so hard to get right and it takes so much time too :( xxx

  2. love your nails! i really wanna try that.
    now following your lovely blog!

  3. It really does look so pretty - fantastic job! Love the colours you chose too.

    The doll on fashion