Monday, 2 April 2012

NEWSFLASH: Mulberry Goes Safari

Whilst walking to work this morning I had a sneek peak of Mulbs VM's changing their window!

That's right they've swapped their beautiful british seaside for a full on safari! Pretty pastel pink ice creams and rock sticks no more. It's been replaced with a wild and ferocious scene including tigers, giraffes, zebras whilst showcasing their Grass Green Lizard Print Travel Bag!

I actually like what they have done it definitely one of the more interesting windows down Bond Street right now! Actually looking forward to see what they do next. Have you seen any other great display around at the moment?

You can take a look at what Mulberry's very british seaside window had to offer here

Which is your fav? The Pretty Pastel Seaside or Wild and Exoctic Safari - Awnsers on a postcard (a.k.a votes below!).


  1. Love first bag. :)
    May we can follow each other? :)

  2. aw wish i loved in London no shops like this in Belfast :)x

    1. Aww I will make sure to keep you updated! xx