Sunday, 22 April 2012

She Sells Sea Shells On The Sea Shore

Let's be honest it's not hard to be daydreaming about Summer, sandals and sunshine when you look out the window and all you can see are grey overcast clouds followed by random showers of hailstone. I've been making a good lists of items I want need for when our Summer does come (please note the positive thinking, Summer will come).

The first item on my list is always a cute pair of sandals. They're the one accessory that can add some instant va va voom  to last years wardrobe if you can't afford to replace it (joys of being an intern). Whilst online window shopping I came across these bad boys!

Three words - Under The Sea...(Darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me)


These are defo the shoes I want for Summer, something a bit different and will leave me with a smaller hole in my pocket than the Mulberry jelly shoes I have my eye on. They're £35 and also come in gold! 

Whilst we are on the sea note I also came across this beautiful necklace which is exclusive to Stylist in last weeks issue. How adorable is this Guess 'Maritime Starfish Necklace'. If you hadn't caught anyone's attention with your seahorse sandals you will be guaranteed to turn heads with this beauty. The perfect way to bring the holiday spirit to the most simplistic outfit you own! Plus it's only £175 *sighs*.

The only seaside accessory I'll be adding to my wardrobe for now is this pretty shell necklace again from Miss Selfridge I brought a few years back! 

What do you think, will you be walking around with herald the seahorse on your feet? 


  1. The sea horse sandles are so cute. These might be making their way into my wardrobe for summer :) x