Monday, 21 January 2013

Allow me to re-introduce myself.....

#BlueMonday the perfect day to rejuvenate your lives with a story from a makeup lover. That is the Story of Simderella...

As you can see this story has been TBC for nearly 6 months and to my surprise on this apparently 'Blue Monday' I've logged in only to find I have more followers now than I ever did!

After the long-haul break which I can only call a respite let me bring you back up to date with what's been going on:

- I've invested in some MUJI draws and taken my OCD to another level - Kim K eat your heart out

- Re invented my daily make up routine with some new make up brushes . I even own a 'fan brush' everyone needs one of those!

- Been lucky enough to play with some amazing products

- Finally said my goodbyes to Gossip Girl xoxo

- Last but by no means least had some fun and met some wonderful characters along the way!

Working in the best part of Online/Digital marketing I didn't want to let my little Simderella story end just there and the rest my friend is.....


Tea anyone?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Summer, Summer Time Nails

Well hello there stranger!

It's been way too long and I've been avoiding the blogging scene that's for sure. You could say that for a few months my mojo went missing. After many sleepless nights searching for it in the lost and found section all over web, my commute to work and many spinning classes I'm BACK!

Over my next few posts I'll be updating you with everything you've missed and I can't wait to get back to following some of my favourite blogs!

For now, I thought I'd share with you my favourite nails for Summer. Yes, the Summer that just arrived last week and might not be around for much longer!

VOILA...Ombre Summer Nails...

What do you think? I've been seeing sponge art nails all over pinterest and Thought I would give it a go.

I used 3 Barry M nail polishes in: Blueberry ice cream, coral and Sky Blue.

It's as easy as this:

1. Paint your nails white. Wait for them to dry, overnight preferably 
2. Paint 3 contrasting colour strips onto an (unused obvs) makeup sponge.
3. Going from one side of the nail to the other gently sponge on the nail varnish
4. Once dry, paint on a top coat to lock in the colour of your beautiful ombre nails!

I followed this fab tutorial here:

Have you tried this technique? If you did what colours did you use!?

I'll speak to you all soon!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Limited Edition Marc Jacobs Mirror and Lipstick Pen

1. Lauren Conrad donned his classic Dr Q Remy handbag turning it into every 'it' girls accessory

2. She declared her love for him and may have even mentioned him to be one of her favourite designers

3. He creates the coolest jewellery lines

4. 2012 marked is 15th Anniversary as the creative director of Louis Vuitton

5. I have his limited edition mirror and pen set (which is only available in selected stores) in my bag - *BIG SMILE!*

I have recently gained an unhealthy obsession with Marc Jacobs jewellery. I just love how every season the same iconic, sophisticated peices come back with a slight twist on colour and style. So, when I was gifted the limited edition mirror and lipstick pen I was OVER the moon!!

They are so cute and vintage-esque that I no longer feel ashamed with my black broken flip mirror that I have pulled out on the train many a time to check on my twinging contact lenses. Now, I'm the  first to come up with an excuse to produce this bad boy out of my make up bag.

Who wouldn't want one of these timeless, classic Marc J bangles hanging off their wrists?

What's on your Marc Jacobs lust list? 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday Manicure - Marble Nail Art

I have literally re-written this post around five times as every time I have gone to publish it something has always come up and I have never got round to doing it. I've offically broken one of my new years resolutions this week by keeping blogging to a minimal. Tut tut Simderella!!

I have been swept off my feet and spent the last seven days ticking off long lists of things to do both at work, at home (and in the gym...damn you easter eggs why were you so irresistible!). However, this has meant I have lots to share with you blogwise! Hooray.

I have been planning on trying out marble art nails for over a year now! This Sunday A few Sunday's ago I finally made an attempt and to my dissapointment I found it extremely difficult! There are sooo many good tutorials to follow I just can't seem to get the nack of it. My favourite being over on Polish and Pearls a.k.a @

None the less I managed to produce some marble-esque nails for my week ahead!

I used the following colours.....

L to R
Nails Inc - Belgrave Square
No7 - Grey Skies
Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream

On my sparkly accent nails I used Spark De Triomphe by O.P.I

An old pot, some toothpicks and followed a tutorial @ to help me...

Toothpicks and an old GU Jar
The outcome had to be taken in true beauty blogger style...Outside Oxford Circus!....TADA

Not so shabby for my first attempt...I now can't wait to get experimenting with different colours and patterns but next on my list is ombre sponge nail art!

Have you/will you be trying Marble Art Nails? 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Obsessed with nude nails this Spring

If like me your obsessed with the nude nail trend, you have to try Nails Inc Jermyn Street.

It's the perfect shade if your also a chanel rouge lover but in nude colour form - if that could ever make sense :S

It is dark enough to look sophisticated yet on trend with the catwalk this Spring!

I've added some sparkle to my nails this week to take my mind away from all the horrible weather! I've used Barry M Pink Iridescent on my accent nails.

What is your favourite nude polish?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

She Sells Sea Shells On The Sea Shore

Let's be honest it's not hard to be daydreaming about Summer, sandals and sunshine when you look out the window and all you can see are grey overcast clouds followed by random showers of hailstone. I've been making a good lists of items I want need for when our Summer does come (please note the positive thinking, Summer will come).

The first item on my list is always a cute pair of sandals. They're the one accessory that can add some instant va va voom  to last years wardrobe if you can't afford to replace it (joys of being an intern). Whilst online window shopping I came across these bad boys!

Three words - Under The Sea...(Darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me)


These are defo the shoes I want for Summer, something a bit different and will leave me with a smaller hole in my pocket than the Mulberry jelly shoes I have my eye on. They're £35 and also come in gold! 

Whilst we are on the sea note I also came across this beautiful necklace which is exclusive to Stylist in last weeks issue. How adorable is this Guess 'Maritime Starfish Necklace'. If you hadn't caught anyone's attention with your seahorse sandals you will be guaranteed to turn heads with this beauty. The perfect way to bring the holiday spirit to the most simplistic outfit you own! Plus it's only £175 *sighs*.

The only seaside accessory I'll be adding to my wardrobe for now is this pretty shell necklace again from Miss Selfridge I brought a few years back! 

What do you think, will you be walking around with herald the seahorse on your feet? 

Monday, 16 April 2012

There's Something About Berry Ice Cream....

For those of you who read my blog regularly you will notice a pastel theme here.

I am addicted to pastel shades this spring and I don't know what to do!!

This week I went out in Barry M - Berry Ice Cream. Barry M polishes never dissapoint, long lasting WITHOUT  a top coat and dry before you can blink.

The weather is way to cold to have any sort of iced dessert so I'll stick to this shade on my paws for now.

What do you think? Another pastel shade win?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson

A few Sundays ago I went to The Sanderson for their Mad Hatters Afternoon. First things first no you don't have to dress!

For those of you that have never heard of the Afternoon tea at The Sanderson. It is amazing!

You just have to let the food, atmosphere and location do the talking....

The Sanderson is a five star hotel located behind Oxford Street with a killer interior! The designs are amazing with sofas in the shape of lips and all things sophisticated everywhere.

When you enter the Tea Party it is almost like your walking into a 5 star Alice in Wonderland.

Your first greeted with a cocktail or glass or champers (non alcoholic or alcoholic)! They then bring out your cake stand and everything has a link to Alice in Wonderland and makes you feel like you have just stumbled across a Mad Hatters Tea Party! 

The menu includes: 
  • Traditionally pots of tea
  • Ice cream lollipops
  • Lollies that make your mouth go from hot to cold
  • Scones, clotted cream and jam. Literally the best scones I've ever had still dreaming about them 2 weeks later.
  • A Drink me potion - It doesn't make you a giant or shrink but it does taste like passion fruit, coconut and froth.  
  • A coffee cake in the shape of a clock
  • Eat me strawberry mousse
  • Last but not least rainbow coloured sandwiches!!

We all left feeling stuffed to the hilters and it is most definitely something I would love to treat myself to again!If you ever consider going to an afternoon tea I strongly suggest you checkout The Sanderson! 

Has anyone else ever been to The Sandersons Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea?