Monday, 14 May 2012

Limited Edition Marc Jacobs Mirror and Lipstick Pen

1. Lauren Conrad donned his classic Dr Q Remy handbag turning it into every 'it' girls accessory

2. She declared her love for him and may have even mentioned him to be one of her favourite designers

3. He creates the coolest jewellery lines

4. 2012 marked is 15th Anniversary as the creative director of Louis Vuitton

5. I have his limited edition mirror and pen set (which is only available in selected stores) in my bag - *BIG SMILE!*

I have recently gained an unhealthy obsession with Marc Jacobs jewellery. I just love how every season the same iconic, sophisticated peices come back with a slight twist on colour and style. So, when I was gifted the limited edition mirror and lipstick pen I was OVER the moon!!

They are so cute and vintage-esque that I no longer feel ashamed with my black broken flip mirror that I have pulled out on the train many a time to check on my twinging contact lenses. Now, I'm the  first to come up with an excuse to produce this bad boy out of my make up bag.

Who wouldn't want one of these timeless, classic Marc J bangles hanging off their wrists?

What's on your Marc Jacobs lust list? 


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