Sunday, 19 August 2012

Summer, Summer Time Nails

Well hello there stranger!

It's been way too long and I've been avoiding the blogging scene that's for sure. You could say that for a few months my mojo went missing. After many sleepless nights searching for it in the lost and found section all over web, my commute to work and many spinning classes I'm BACK!

Over my next few posts I'll be updating you with everything you've missed and I can't wait to get back to following some of my favourite blogs!

For now, I thought I'd share with you my favourite nails for Summer. Yes, the Summer that just arrived last week and might not be around for much longer!

VOILA...Ombre Summer Nails...

What do you think? I've been seeing sponge art nails all over pinterest and Thought I would give it a go.

I used 3 Barry M nail polishes in: Blueberry ice cream, coral and Sky Blue.

It's as easy as this:

1. Paint your nails white. Wait for them to dry, overnight preferably 
2. Paint 3 contrasting colour strips onto an (unused obvs) makeup sponge.
3. Going from one side of the nail to the other gently sponge on the nail varnish
4. Once dry, paint on a top coat to lock in the colour of your beautiful ombre nails!

I followed this fab tutorial here:

Have you tried this technique? If you did what colours did you use!?

I'll speak to you all soon!


  1. love this gradient and colour palette, reminds me of sorbet :-)

  2. Your nails look amazing! Don't think I'd be able to them though !!