Saturday, 26 November 2011

I spy with my little eye.......

E.L.F- Eyes, Lips and Face which sounds all to familiar/similar to Makeup, Art, Cosmetics! Well done to whoever came up with the name because you must be a lover of all things M.A.C too!

After coming across E.L.F and how similiar their brand name is to M.A.C it was only right to check them out! It's probably fate that I did because they're giving away a free gift on all orders over £15*!!

Recently, I've decided that I enjoy working with make up so much that I am going to start doing more makeovers on my family & friends to get better at it and eventually maybe even take a make up course with my BFF!

So...for this reason I've been looking in to make up brushes to practise different techniques and for 15 whole pounds I realised I can get more than a few make up brushes as some are only priced at £1.50 each. Plus the fact you get a free gift which is supposedly worth £15 and not available in the UK yet. Although they may not be the M.A.C of make up brushes for perfecting my technique they are defo worth the money! I already have basic eye shadow brushes but I've never invested in fancy looking ones to create smoky eyes or colouring in the crease around your eye. 

So here is what I've ordered:

  • Eyeshadow C Brush
  • Small Smudge Brush
  • Smudge Eye Sponge
  • Eye Crease Brush
  • Angled Contour Brush
  • Blending Eye Brush
  • Cream Eyeliner - which comes with an angled brush.
I paid a total of £18.50 with delivery! Plus I get a free gift worth £15, I hope it's not make up brushes.

I'll post photos of the pretty eyes I create with my new kit! 

*If anyone else is interested in taking up this free gift offer it's available until 28/11/11 and the codes are 
Their Facebook page:

Friday, 25 November 2011

Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend

I've read 6 books in 5 months! All four Twilight books and the first two of Stieg Larssons trilogy (The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire). I want to finish the third one and then go on to read One Day and George Orwell - 1984. 

I can't wait to for December because I'm going to be supporting sparkly, glittery nail varnish for Christmas. I've been giving my nails a 'break' and using Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil Pen (nearly) everyday to avoid yellow nail stains that I've read all about. 

I'm starting to take make up more seriously. I've even gone and got myself 4 different brushes especially for applying make up to your eyes from E.L.F. There will be a blog post to follow on what I spent my monies on. 

We're 36 days away from 2012 and I actually don't know where the past 11 months have gone! I've been extremely busy this year. Some of things I have been doing are: Getting a degree, planning a wedding, finding jobs, becoming an auntie, readjusting to the 'real' world from uni 'world' and looking after the special people in my life. 

I turned twenty two this year and I've started to cleanse and tone my face properly using grown up stuff by Clinique! I really love their 3 step programme and their well known 'bonus time' offers. I purchased 3 items and got nine things free. NINE THINGS FREE. 

After years of dyeing my hair light brown I've finally gone back to dark....and I love it.

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Thursday, 17 November 2011

10 Simderella Commandments

Thou shall eat cake every Friday. It's important to ensure that at least one day of the week is filled with sprinkles and sugar.  

Thou shall watch Gossip Girl - even if it's just to ponder in to the world of Blair Wardorf her problems are much more interesting than ours.

Thou shall remove all make-up every night before bed. Don't worry when you're dreaming about Chace Crawford, he won't mind.

Thou shall be grateful for what we have - Shelter, food & love.

Thou shan't give up and will go on to conquer dreams and aspirations. The world is what we make of it and we SHOULD make it good.

Thou shall not be fake. Barbie dolls are not 'real' for a reason.

Thou shall keep up with all the latest beauty industry gossip. M.A.C and many other exciting brands ahem*Elemis, Clinique, Sanctuary, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Aveda and NARS* will not admire themselves.

Thou shall read horoscopes when the world is looking grim - They have been written for a reason you know.

Thou shan't make others feel bad about themselves. This is a sin and forbidden. 

Thou shall always give 100% in everything, the world is what we put in it after all.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday Waffle

  • Did you know it’s national don't exercise and eat lots week? It's okay you can finally drop the 'my body must be lacking something because I can't stop eating' OR 'my ankle hurts a bit I must rest it'. Simderella has come to the rescue and found the perfect week to do the above to your heart’s content.
  • It's okay to actually want your train to be delayed because you’re reading a really really exhilarating book. I've just finished reading 'A girl with a dragon tattoo' by Stieg Larsson and started reading the second in the sequel 'The girl who played with fire' and I genuinely wish I could sit in Starbucks with a red cup (accompanied by unlimited refills of toffee nut latte) and read it cover to cover. If there were enough hours in the day I'd probably read it when I came home from work but I'm currently abiding by 'don't exercise and eat lots week' - it's a hard life.
  • Gossip Girl is on tonight. I love the upper-east side and it looks like Guerlain the previous GG sponsors have left and Maybelline have proudly taken their space. I think Guerlain was much better suited to the scandalous lives of Queen B, Lonely Boy and Mr Bass. However, Maybelline is well known for being associated with N.Y.C's yellow cab and they created the first ever mascara for everyday use. So I guess they will do. 
  • Life's too short to be stressed and angry all the time. There really is more to life and a smile is really contagious you know. 
I must go and give Gossip Girl my undivided attention.....Until next time xoxo Simderella. 



Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Let there be cake!

It's no secret that in my household there is always a cake being made or demolished by someone. After watching Lorraine Pascale on BBC1 I decided to make a cake similar to hers! A chocolate finger cake! I made or attempted to make a red velvet sponge (It didn't look very red when I made it) covered with butter cream icing and raspberries!

Was very impressed as it looked quite professional!

 What do you think?

Apart from baking this week is already a bit of a 'humph' week as I like to call it 'humph' not hump before someone makes the remark. 

Anyway, a small thought of the day I have to keep reminding myself not to regret any decisions I've made as at the time they felt right. Everything sure does happen for a reason (for anyone else who is procrastinating out there!). 

Monday, 7 November 2011

Angel Eyes

This weekend was a showcase of my creativity! I baked a cake, did someone's make-up, and watched some fireworks. Nope, I didn't brave it and stand around in the cold. I sat warm and snugly in a car which had the perfect view of three different firework displays going on! 

I've never really done anyone's makeup before - only a few times at uni. I've always been interested in doing make-up and especially how make-up artists can make such a big difference to the way we feel (let's not lie it feels great when someone else is doing your face). 

So when I had a model it was a great opportunity to experiment (After I cleaned up all the fallen eye shadow from around her face that is).

 So here are her angel eyes! I've realised the trick to getting eyes looking perfect is mixing and blending as many different colours you can! I did gold's and a pink smoky eye

I used a variety of different makeup brands ranging from Clarins, MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder & Bare Minerals. 

What I'm mega impressed about is that I did her top eye-liner and got it quite even to!

So what do you think? Would you ever let me loose to create eyes of an angel on you?

Friday, 4 November 2011

Inside my DREAM bag

This post was originally supposed to be about what is inside my bag but after careful consideration and realising the content of my real bag is: one hundred and one train tickets, phone charger, head phones etc etc. you get the idea. I realised it would be much more interesting to see what would be inside my dream bag (and much more exciting for me to write). So I set myself a challenge (if you can call it that) all the contents of my dream bag would have to come from Selfridges. After all they do have fantabulous Christmas displays, every brand you could ever want to buy from *ahem*Krispy Kremes & Exclusive Lancรดme Advent Calendar*ahem*

So here it goes:

DKNY patent scarf shopper
This DKNY shopper would be perfect! I don't think I could own a small bag with the amount of thing's I end up carrying around with me. I love the scarf, the red and black colours are perfect for this time of year too!
MULBERRY Lovepeace patent pouch                  
Like I said above I end up having a trillion train tickets so this would be my sophisticated way of commuting on the completely ordinary First Capital Connect train which more than often has a delay.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Belle de Jour zip around wallet
My real purse for my real £50 notes would be this YSL beauty! As Henry Ford said "Any colours as long as it's black".
STELLA MCCARTNEY Stella eau de parfum 50ml                                                         
This is an all time fav scent not just for me but in my family! (We all have great taste in smell). It will never go out of fashion and will always have people complimenting you.
MAC Viva Glam Melt Your Heart Lip Bag    

I don't usually wear lipstick but number 1: These are M.A.C (See my first blog post!) 2. They are part of Viva Glam so all profits from this range go to the M.A.C aids fund. 3. Lastly, these neutral shades look perfect for adding a rosy/ mocha tint to any pout and for any occasion! 


Lastly, would have to be a life saver of a diary. This isn't from Selfridges as everything looked way too sophisticated and I needed something cute!

Although, all these things are extremely beautiful to look at I don't think I would ever buy them. I could never trust myself if the contents of my bag totalled up to all the amount of all of this lot!

Would you have any of these in your dream bag? Or what other items would you have?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Midweek Reassurance...

It's Wednesday hooray! You shouldn't wish your life away but there are only 48 hours left in (nearly) everyone's working week! 

In case you're looking for some reassurance, Simderella has got it all for you right here in this blog post...

It's Okay.......
  • To play Christmas music in the office already, we are only 7 weeks and 3 days away!
  • To see the same people on the train/ underground everyday and clearly ignore them and act as if you have never seen them ever before. Jeez louise no one cracks a smile in the big LDN*
  • To take an Evening Standard home everyday just because you feel sorry for the guys standing in the cold handing them out. The quicker they get rid of their newspaper piles the quicker they get to go home right?
  • To feel exhausted on a Tuesday morning after ONE WHOLE DAY at work. Caffeine help us for the rest of the week.
  • To admit that you were once obsessed with Kim Kardashian but after hearing about her divorce, seeing her throw a bridzilla fit during her wedding and wear a million dollar ring (does she know that there is a recession and people are going hungry in Africa?). She has not only gone down in TV ratings but in my top 5 ladies list.
  • It okay if the picture below is just a picture,my favourite animal is the elephant! (they live up to 70 years and have the largest brain in the animal kingdom. Believe me now?)
  • Lastly, not knowing that the Twinnings Earl Grey tea range has a citrusy aroma: Light, fragrant and with a distinctive bergamot flavour. Thought tea was tea (cringe)
Happy Wednesday people!! 48 hours till the weekend.....not that we should wish our lives away or anything.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello Upper East Sider's...Gossip Girl is back..

'People like me don't write books, we're written about' - Chuck Bass

Some people may call me 'sad' for obsessing over New York's MVP's (in the form of a TV series) I'm not sure if it's the glitz and the glamour or seeing the drama's that the elite have, usually resolved by ' the money CAN buy you anything' quote. (Now we all know that's a lie because yesterday's post was about how life is much more than that).

Anywho, as I am clearly obsessed about this TV show I've found these bad boys by Nails inc. It was only a matter of time before they realised Gossip Girl is where it's all at (well, they have covered the Royal Wedding & Cadburys). The same way it is wrong NOT to inform you all about my love for M.A.C Cosmetics it would just be so wrong to unveil to you the Nails Inc Gossip Girl collection if you didn't already know!

There are three sets in the collection each influenced by Serena Van Der Woodsen, Lily Bass and Blair Waldorf - Each set comes with a dark polish and a sparkly overglaze. (Sophistication at it's best)

The reason why I like this collection is because each set is not only inspired by Gossip Girls three most influential ladies they come with a colour and a top coat (Overglaze not shimmery sparkles - Overglaze, got it?) to give it that NYC omph...Take a look for yourselves I think the two colours combined for each set are perfect for that christmas sparkle...

Lily's Collection - Looks emerald green with the 'overglaze'
Blair's Collection - Gold with the 'overglaze'
Serena's Collection -Midnight blue with the 'overglaze'

Which collection has put the sparkle back in your life? I can't decide between Blair or Serena (A bit like Nate really!)

Until next time XO XO Simderella .....(no pun intended)