Friday, 25 November 2011

Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend

I've read 6 books in 5 months! All four Twilight books and the first two of Stieg Larssons trilogy (The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire). I want to finish the third one and then go on to read One Day and George Orwell - 1984. 

I can't wait to for December because I'm going to be supporting sparkly, glittery nail varnish for Christmas. I've been giving my nails a 'break' and using Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil Pen (nearly) everyday to avoid yellow nail stains that I've read all about. 

I'm starting to take make up more seriously. I've even gone and got myself 4 different brushes especially for applying make up to your eyes from E.L.F. There will be a blog post to follow on what I spent my monies on. 

We're 36 days away from 2012 and I actually don't know where the past 11 months have gone! I've been extremely busy this year. Some of things I have been doing are: Getting a degree, planning a wedding, finding jobs, becoming an auntie, readjusting to the 'real' world from uni 'world' and looking after the special people in my life. 

I turned twenty two this year and I've started to cleanse and tone my face properly using grown up stuff by Clinique! I really love their 3 step programme and their well known 'bonus time' offers. I purchased 3 items and got nine things free. NINE THINGS FREE. 

After years of dyeing my hair light brown I've finally gone back to dark....and I love it.

Have a great weekend everyone! 


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