Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello Upper East Sider's...Gossip Girl is back..

'People like me don't write books, we're written about' - Chuck Bass

Some people may call me 'sad' for obsessing over New York's MVP's (in the form of a TV series) I'm not sure if it's the glitz and the glamour or seeing the drama's that the elite have, usually resolved by ' the money CAN buy you anything' quote. (Now we all know that's a lie because yesterday's post was about how life is much more than that).

Anywho, as I am clearly obsessed about this TV show I've found these bad boys by Nails inc. It was only a matter of time before they realised Gossip Girl is where it's all at (well, they have covered the Royal Wedding & Cadburys). The same way it is wrong NOT to inform you all about my love for M.A.C Cosmetics it would just be so wrong to unveil to you the Nails Inc Gossip Girl collection if you didn't already know!

There are three sets in the collection each influenced by Serena Van Der Woodsen, Lily Bass and Blair Waldorf - Each set comes with a dark polish and a sparkly overglaze. (Sophistication at it's best)

The reason why I like this collection is because each set is not only inspired by Gossip Girls three most influential ladies they come with a colour and a top coat (Overglaze not shimmery sparkles - Overglaze, got it?) to give it that NYC omph...Take a look for yourselves I think the two colours combined for each set are perfect for that christmas sparkle...

Lily's Collection - Looks emerald green with the 'overglaze'
Blair's Collection - Gold with the 'overglaze'
Serena's Collection -Midnight blue with the 'overglaze'

Which collection has put the sparkle back in your life? I can't decide between Blair or Serena (A bit like Nate really!)

Until next time XO XO Simderella .....(no pun intended)

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