Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Let there be cake!

It's no secret that in my household there is always a cake being made or demolished by someone. After watching Lorraine Pascale on BBC1 I decided to make a cake similar to hers! A chocolate finger cake! I made or attempted to make a red velvet sponge (It didn't look very red when I made it) covered with butter cream icing and raspberries!

Was very impressed as it looked quite professional!

 What do you think?

Apart from baking this week is already a bit of a 'humph' week as I like to call it 'humph' not hump before someone makes the remark. 

Anyway, a small thought of the day I have to keep reminding myself not to regret any decisions I've made as at the time they felt right. Everything sure does happen for a reason (for anyone else who is procrastinating out there!). 

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