Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Wardrobe Must Haves

Yesterday was the perfect Spring day I managed to have breakfast on the decking whilst reading One Day, find a field that was not packed with little cherubs screaming and shouting and have a picnic!

 I also found myself scouring the net for clothes I MUST HAVE for Spring. Zara, Mango, Forever 21 and Miss Selfridge have quite a selection and I have managed to find the staples I will quite happily save my pennies until Summer for (that is a realistic time-scale of an intern and yes I know waiting till Summer is not the point of Spring clothes. shh). Until Summer comes and my bank allowance will let me purchase just half of one of these beauties below at least I have this blog post to ogle or I could just dig to the back of my cupboard and revamp my slightly outdated but by no means out of date S/S clothing... Hmmm

As you can see it's only a small wishlist of random items I'm lusting including: maxi skirts, lace, pleats,pastels, print and MULBERRY!

This week I also realised that I spend so much time dreaming about all the destinations that I would like to visit abroad that I haven't seen all the key tourist hot spots that millions come to the U.K for! (Although, I have probably chosen the wrong year as the Olympics seems to be ruining everything this summer). This Summer I plan to spend quite a few weekends visiting the following:
  • Stonehenge
  • Brighton
  • Virginia Waters
  • Blackpool
  • Epping Forest
  • Free Art Galleries
  • Bourmouth
  • Newquay
Hot weather and my perfect Spring/Summer wardrobe is definitely not guaranteed but good memories with people that matter are! What more could an Intern on a budget want?!

What are you lusting for Spring?

Have you been to any of the hot spots on my list? 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Wear Teal for Ovarian Cancer Month

I love it when a beauty brand supports a good cause. It shows that it's not all about painted paws or long lashes and that big companies do actually care (we hope).

I found out about this special cause through The Beauty Geeek who can keep you updated with everything talon related. 

O.P.I is raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer and has declared March as official Ovarian Cancer Month. How are they going to do this you ask? Let me tell you, they are donating £1 from every sale of their teal shade 'Teal The Cows Come Home' to the charity Ovacome. Detecting early signs of any cancer is extremely important especially Ovarian Cancer as the signs are not easy to spot. 


Making a purchase of this beautiful Teal shade will be helping others and you can even take a look at how it will look on your hands and skin tone by using the 'TRY ON THIS COLOR' app over on

To find out more about this great cause:

Take a peek at The Beauty Geeek's post 

Read more on the Ovacome site 

Even see what your hands would like with a shade of 'Teal The Cows Come Home' here

Will you be wearing Teal this month to support this great cause?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Shop Window Ogling....

Interning behind Oxford St definitly has its pro's..

Those being getting to have a good wonder at lunch time, seeing all the latest trends first and let's face it Oxford Street usually has the best window displays. Being on a strict spending budget has left me eyeing up London's most creative windows.

This week I've picked out my favourite....

A cute 3D effect at Radley..

Creative way of showcasing ballet pumps....

Perfect way to get you in the mood for Spring outside Browns

 And last but no means least the one and only MULBERRY! Love the sea side feel in their shop windows! Can't wait to make some summer road trips!

I also have been seeing these little pieces of art work pop up everywhere! I can't wait to see what their stores look like! 

Which shop window snippet is your favourite!?


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Another Grey Day.....

Well suprisingly enough today was not a grey day at all but my nails have sure been dressed for one! As of last week I am loving this new spring trend of having 80% nude and 20% bright nails and this is another combination that I am truly in love with....

I used Barry M Turqoise as with all Barry M nail varnish I can never find a fault. As for the grey well that is just another kettle of fish. I tried NYC polish in grey. The colour is perfect, not to light to look pastel but not to dark for an airy spring day. As for the quality I felt like I was painting my nails with murky grey water!

Other than that I have no complaints! What nails are you donning on this perfect spring week?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

How To Fix a Gloopy Nail Polish

We've all had this problem when you find your most precious, favourite nail polish all gloopy and un-useable (without looking like you have rubbish on your nails!). I've found the fix!! 

All you need to do is:
  •  Add a few drops of Nail Polish Remover to your favourite gloopy colour 
  • Shake
  • Voila - your polish will be saved!



Will you be saving your favourite polish on this beautiful Sunday afternoon?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Ring....

It's a ring thing....

No I'm not getting married, engaged or anything cray cray like that I just thought I would share one of my favourite rings at the moment. It's making me feel all summery and really is quite a unique design!

I bought this from Miss Selfridge a while a go and have only just got it out the jewellery box to wear!

I'm a big believer that an accessory can change an outfit for the better, especially unique designs like this.

I'm reading George Orwell 1984 at the moment and the guy was a living legend. He practically predicted the future 90 odd years ago! If you haven't read it or even considered reading it you NEED to. 

What do you think and what's your favourite piece of jewellery to liven up an outift? 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The New Nail Trend for Spring....

So we've all tried a look similar to this.. Beyonce started a trend with 'Single Ladies' and ever since everyone loves making their ring fingers (accent finger) look the bomb-digity. I thought I would try something a little different with two Spring/Summer trends from opposite ends of the colour spectrum!! The natural nudes and the beautiful bights.

 At the moment I am in love with every shade of nude and mixing it up with one of my all time favourite summer colours is just perfect for beating those Sunday night blues and brightening up a horrible rainy day like today!

I used my all time favourite Barry M polish in Fuschia on my accent nail and my favourite nude by Miss Guided in Misscellanious

What do you think and have you tried any cute colour combos recently!?

P.S I want to say a special THANK YOU to ALL my new and old followers I'm 10 away from 100!