Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to Get Make Up Out of the Carpet

Let's face it, we've all been there done that and got the tshirt when it comes to getting our beloved cosmetics products in/on the carpet. We then google everything under the sun to help us get rid of it before someone notices and gives us the evils of all evils.

So, I thought I'd share a few ground rules to help you get yourself out of any messy make up situations you may get yourself in to (like I found myself in this weekend!)

  • The first rule is NEVER EVER get a tissue or towel and wipe it. ALWAYS get the hoover out and use it to hoover up and loose bits of make up. 99% of the time you are now left with half the mess you got yourself into!
  • Next, resort to nail varnish remover and cotton wool. Believe it or not by dabbing the nail varnish remover on the stain slowly, trying not to rub in the stain but remove it  (NOT vigorously rubbing because you're hot and flustered at the fact you have a horrible stain in your cream carpet - talking from experience, see pictures below). You will be so surprised how well this trick works.
  • Lastly, get the hoover out again and now you can hoover the area vigorously until you are left with a slightly less messy looking carpet! 

Now, I can't guarantee the stain will come out completely but over time the more you hoover the more the stain will go away. Well, at least I hope so or I'm left with a rather odd looking patch on my carpet!



If all else fails I recommend you get yourself a nice new rug or a fancy plant to cover it up!

Who else has got themselves in a messy make up + carpet situation before? Any tips for getting rid of it? 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Inspirations of The Beauty World

We all know the backbones behind many industries but do you know who inspired the cosmetics industry!? Well let me share with you a few of my favourites.....

Estee Lauder
estee lauder vintage ads 11 People Who Inspired the Cosmetics World
Now, what can we say about the amazing Miss Lauder that you don't already know! How about she was the only women in the TIME Magazine's 1988  20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century! Not only that but we have her to thank for innovating department store makeup counters and celebrity endorsements.

Florence Nightingale Graham

I bet you never knew that the founder of Elizabeth Arden was actually called Florence Nightingale Graham. However, because of the names association with our super hero nurse Florence her products weren't selling and she had to change the name of her brand! She taught women how to apply makeup and dress for careers outside the home after World War 2! 

Eugene Rimmel

Rimmel is the man who changed billions of eyelashes by inventing the first commercially available mascara. To this day, “rimmel” is still the word for mascara in languages ranging from Italian to Turkish.

Who are your favourite inspirations?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Potato for thought......

Who would have thought that a trusty spud could be the answer to all of our skin troubles? That's right ladies, potato's are not only for committing a weekly carbocide the editor's of beauty magazines have found a much better use!

I can always have faith in my mum for filling me in on all the latest magazine goss and she didn't disappoint me when she shared this unusual tip! So, here are a few potato fact's for some midweeking ummming and arrhhhingg...

  • Pulp obtained from crushed raw potato's mixed with honey makes a squeaky clean face pack helping to smooth out any unwanted spots.
  • If you're not to keen on stodgy looking potato pulp cut up a few slices and put them on your tired eyes after a sleepless night. Why you ask? A raw slice will help tighten, baggy, puffy eyes. 
  • Raw mashed potato can be used to relieve inflamed skin, especially burns.
  • The potato is soo good for your skin that even washing your skin in the same water you washed your potato in is great for softening and cleaning!
In summary, if you would like to rejuvenate, nourish and slow down your skins ageing process invest in a bag of potato's......

That's potato for thought for you! 

Hands up if you're ready to try a potato mask this weekend then?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cat Like Eyes

According to Vogue 'Cat Like Eyes' are going to be a big trend this S/S alongside Statement Liner (according to Glamour) so I thought I would try out a few flicks and experiment with my new Maybelline Gel Liner. Gel liners are all craze at the minute so I hope you left your liquid liners in 2011!

Here are a 5 different eyes I created, I've also shown my closed eye so you know what kind of shape your aiming for if you wanted to try and recreate any of them at home. My biggest tip is to ALWAYS stretch your skin to make it easier to draw on and ALWAYS finish the 'wing' with your eye open so you can see what your 'wing' will look like to others.

My Top Tips for applying Top liner
  • Stretch the skin around your eye with the hand your not using (if you can). This makes it easer to draw the line.
  • Follow the shape of your eye, gradually building on the thickness. 
  • To add an extra cat like effect fill in your top waterline (carefully). This also adds thickness to your lashes and makes them look longer. 
  • If you are going for a squared look (third one down) work your way from the outside in. Defining the square end first.
  • Go over your liner for a more defined look, giving your eyes that extra 'pop'!
  • Last but not least.....Practise, Practise, Practise. 
I never usually wear top liner during the week it's one of those added effects I use on special occasions only. But what's the fun in that! I will defo be trying out a few of these during the week let's just hope I don't turn up to work with a panda eye instead of a cat!

Which 'flick' is your favourite? Will you be going all cat eyed for Spring/Summer this year?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I have had the most perfect 5 weeks of freedom before I entered the real world again yesterday!

I went and visited Bimingham, Kingston, The Gym quite a few times. Had lots sleep and made the most of having nothing to do on the snow day last weekend. I'm feeling ready to start my new internship and give it 110%. I will be looking for a weekend job which is going to be quite a nuisance but it will mean I can buy some more new lipsticks! I'm excited to be back in London!

Anyway, on to more beautiful things. I recently discovered BuyaPowa. If you have never heard of this site get yourself over there and check it out! You can benefit from great discounts on your favourite products by buying in with other people who also want the same products at a discounted price. http://www.buyapowa.com

BuyaPowa has recently featured many Moroccan and Argan Oil products (as well as Bobbi Brown, O.P.I and Benefit by the by) and I managed to get my hands on Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for £22. As I said in my 'Welcome to 2012' post I can not fault these products as they genuinely work. You may think £22 is a bit expensive for shampoo and conditioner and so do I. However, if you want nice hair then sometimes you have to spend a little bit more! (Quick someone find a cheaper version of it!)

I got a bit artsy in the snow last week.

If you would like shiny, soft, easy to manage hair this is the product for you! Plus it smells lovely!!

Which hair care products do you swear by, have you tried these?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Guess who's back!

Hello!! I have been pretty absent on here over the last week and before jumping straight in with one of the posts I have planned I thought I would update you all on what I've been doing!!

  • I have celebrated THREE birthdays
  • That means I have eaten three lots of cake (Plus one cake for graduating)
  • Been to three birthday celebrations

  • I graduated! Hooray and congratulations to everyone else who was the Class of 2011.

Graduation Cake
  • I've started a new internship which means getting back in to the swing of early morning commutes, fighting for a tiny space on the tube and taking home a free evening standard because you feel sorry for the guys giving them out. 
  • However, I'm not complaining because I get to walk past this everyday.....

Vogue House - Hanover Square
I'm hoping from tomorrow Story of Simderella will be back in full swing, so see you then!!

What have you all been up to recently?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

ASDA Colour Block Top

Sorry if I am a tad MIA over the next few weeks I'm starting a new internship, graduating (finally 6 months after my last exam), doing nothing for the next week before I enter the real world again, I have TWO close birthday celebrations for TWO special people, organising my work wardrobe....ERM could my list get any longer.....

Anyway, like I said I'm updating my work wardrobe and have found quite a few gems along the way! For example this amazing Spring staple pastel piece! Beautiful colour combination and at a bargain of a price that even Grazia gave it an award!

Head down to your local ASDA at once as this bad boy is already sold out in three sizes online. Perfect Spring outfit teamed with a pair of fitted black trouser or mini skirt, who agrees!?

What do you think!? Will you be running to your local ASDA to get your hands on this Spring must have?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Day Summary!

Being snowed in has meant one of many things for me...

  • I've spent all day online shopping for potential work clothes
  • We have a family of snowmen and ladies who have appeared to take habitat outside my house
  • I've practised creating a bun using a bun ring
  • I've done my FIRST FOTD (Face Of The Day)
  • And cleaned my make up brushes
First attempt has made my hair look so much thicker! 
Mon Visage
Les Yeux
From left to right
The mess I made today
Products I used for my FOTD: Benefit High Beam, Maybelline gel liner, MAC Studio Sculpt, Barry M Lip Paint 150
MAC Mulch, Woodwinked & Amber Lights. Dior Show Mascara
MAC Fab-racadabra Bronze Face Kit -  Bronzing Powder in Golden & Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Sunbasque

I'm a bit obessed with shimmery bronzers and blushers and the picture above tells you why! Just love how it makes the skin look.
In other news....
  • I had Churros for the first time this week (Don't judge me). We also had homemade cookie dough for dessert last night!
Homemade cookie dough & Churros
  • Got myself a new boyfriend (His name is lumpy and is pictured below along with his other family members)
From left to right
The family of snowmen and ladies
Our snowman a.k.a lumpy a.k.a my new man
Leopard wellies!
The happy couple ♥   
I'll be using that bun ring way more often it was £1 from Primark (SCORE!!). It has made my hair look so much thicker. When I have about 45minutes to spare I may attempt to do my make up like this again. It is defo not an everyday look I only have about 10 minutes built in to my work day for that!

What have you done this snow day, do you even have snow where you are? 

What do you think of my first FOTD?!

Awnsers on a postcard below please!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lauren Conrad Style Steal

LC at US Weekly Hot Hollywood party 2011
I wouldn't normally do a style steal post but I fell in love with this outfit on LC from last year. The items are all available in her Paper Crown collection but it WILL cost you an arm a leg unlike my lipstick from yesterdays post.

Anywho, I was determined to get a lace skater skirt and have managed to find one extremely similar! I unlike LC can't walk for my life in a pair of heels so a comfy pair of pumps it is!

Those of you who know me will know I adore Lauren Conrad. She came across extremely well in her reality tv series and the fact she left the show to TRY and have a more peaceful life makes me love her more. Her style has always been a hit in my eyes and I haven't seen an outfit on the lady which shows any flaws! Not only is she beautiful she's got the brains too! I've read her series of books and they are worth the purchase if you were obsessed with The Hills...

She's has given us the best quotes and words of wisdom EVER and throughout her TV series she went through normal girl drama with normal girl feelings! You can tell she is not after fame, fame, fame like some of my other celeb idols ahem*Kim K*ahem. It would be impossible for me to choose just one favourite quote so, here are a few of my favourites... (This was really hard, if you like what you read you need to get some more of her quotes in your life!)

Anyway I love you LC!! p.s Happy Belated Birthday! (I know she won't read this, but cut a girl some slack!)

What do you think, a good style steal? Who's that celeb you just can't get enough of?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pink a Pink any pink

Welcome to February everyone!! You've successfully made it through the doom and gloom of the first month of the year. I hope you've all managed to keep your resolutions I shall have to update you on mine later this week.

Recently I've become obsessed with lipsticks and managed to find a shade that:

a) Suits me
b) I can wear everyday
c) It didn't cost me an arm and a leg (hooray!)

Pastel shades are a S/S must have and I treated myself to a pastel pink. I chose Barry M as I've heard lots of fab reviews about them. I did also read that the colour doesn't pigment so well but this has done wonders for me and I'm a happy lady! It's shade 150 called Pink Suede.

For £4.50 you can't really complain the colour goes on easily, doesn't dry your lips out and looks great on warm toned skin. On my skin tone it comes up as a warm neutral pink...See for yourself!

What's your favourite lipstick shade?
Have you tried a Barry M lipsticks before?