Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Potato for thought......

Who would have thought that a trusty spud could be the answer to all of our skin troubles? That's right ladies, potato's are not only for committing a weekly carbocide the editor's of beauty magazines have found a much better use!

I can always have faith in my mum for filling me in on all the latest magazine goss and she didn't disappoint me when she shared this unusual tip! So, here are a few potato fact's for some midweeking ummming and arrhhhingg...

  • Pulp obtained from crushed raw potato's mixed with honey makes a squeaky clean face pack helping to smooth out any unwanted spots.
  • If you're not to keen on stodgy looking potato pulp cut up a few slices and put them on your tired eyes after a sleepless night. Why you ask? A raw slice will help tighten, baggy, puffy eyes. 
  • Raw mashed potato can be used to relieve inflamed skin, especially burns.
  • The potato is soo good for your skin that even washing your skin in the same water you washed your potato in is great for softening and cleaning!
In summary, if you would like to rejuvenate, nourish and slow down your skins ageing process invest in a bag of potato's......

That's potato for thought for you! 

Hands up if you're ready to try a potato mask this weekend then?


  1. This sounds intriguing! Anything that reduces puffiness is worth a try!

    The doll on fashion

  2. Would never think this could work but yes I may try a mask when Im brave enough to! Great post x

  3. i have uneven skin tone and have been using potato to lighten the darker areas, loving the blog xx

    1. Really!! Would love to hear more about how you do it! x

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  5. Great post I will be trying the potato face mask :) nice blog- following