Thursday, 16 February 2012

Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I have had the most perfect 5 weeks of freedom before I entered the real world again yesterday!

I went and visited Bimingham, Kingston, The Gym quite a few times. Had lots sleep and made the most of having nothing to do on the snow day last weekend. I'm feeling ready to start my new internship and give it 110%. I will be looking for a weekend job which is going to be quite a nuisance but it will mean I can buy some more new lipsticks! I'm excited to be back in London!

Anyway, on to more beautiful things. I recently discovered BuyaPowa. If you have never heard of this site get yourself over there and check it out! You can benefit from great discounts on your favourite products by buying in with other people who also want the same products at a discounted price.

BuyaPowa has recently featured many Moroccan and Argan Oil products (as well as Bobbi Brown, O.P.I and Benefit by the by) and I managed to get my hands on Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for £22. As I said in my 'Welcome to 2012' post I can not fault these products as they genuinely work. You may think £22 is a bit expensive for shampoo and conditioner and so do I. However, if you want nice hair then sometimes you have to spend a little bit more! (Quick someone find a cheaper version of it!)

I got a bit artsy in the snow last week.

If you would like shiny, soft, easy to manage hair this is the product for you! Plus it smells lovely!!

Which hair care products do you swear by, have you tried these?


  1. I'd absolutely love to try the Moroccan Oil products but they're so pricey! x

  2. I really wanted them when they were on buyapowa but my bank account was empty, such a great website! x

  3. I love morrocanoil but not actually tried anything other than the oil! x