Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to Get Make Up Out of the Carpet

Let's face it, we've all been there done that and got the tshirt when it comes to getting our beloved cosmetics products in/on the carpet. We then google everything under the sun to help us get rid of it before someone notices and gives us the evils of all evils.

So, I thought I'd share a few ground rules to help you get yourself out of any messy make up situations you may get yourself in to (like I found myself in this weekend!)

  • The first rule is NEVER EVER get a tissue or towel and wipe it. ALWAYS get the hoover out and use it to hoover up and loose bits of make up. 99% of the time you are now left with half the mess you got yourself into!
  • Next, resort to nail varnish remover and cotton wool. Believe it or not by dabbing the nail varnish remover on the stain slowly, trying not to rub in the stain but remove it  (NOT vigorously rubbing because you're hot and flustered at the fact you have a horrible stain in your cream carpet - talking from experience, see pictures below). You will be so surprised how well this trick works.
  • Lastly, get the hoover out again and now you can hoover the area vigorously until you are left with a slightly less messy looking carpet! 

Now, I can't guarantee the stain will come out completely but over time the more you hoover the more the stain will go away. Well, at least I hope so or I'm left with a rather odd looking patch on my carpet!



If all else fails I recommend you get yourself a nice new rug or a fancy plant to cover it up!

Who else has got themselves in a messy make up + carpet situation before? Any tips for getting rid of it? 


  1. hoover first, but if you ever have a stain on anything cold water and fairy liquid is the best. if you use hot it sets the stain in so make sure it is cold! it literally takes out anything, even permanent marker :) xo

  2. omg i thought i was the only one who was this clumsy! I use vanish carpet stain remover, its a miracle product, definately check it out! x


  3. I find that baby wipes do the trick as well. Once got pink nail varnish off a cream carpet with those bad boys! :) Great tip though, always good to try different things incase you don't have your fail safe option available!



  4. great tips! I luckily have a dark blue carpet so I don't have this issue, but I know these tips may come in useful in the future! :D xox

  5. Jeez that has happened to me once as well. what I did was I first vacuumed up the loose bits, then got a damped a sponge with vodka, and blotted the spot. This draws the makeup up toward the sponge. baby wipes work also well, for more drastic measures, you might even try whitening toothpaste or whitch hazel.  Really helpful post! xMarina

  6. great tips i'l be trying out, i'm forever getting make up everywhere especially if i'm getting ready for a nigh out! :)x


  7. Great tip! Love the blog, new follower :)