Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lauren Conrad Style Steal

LC at US Weekly Hot Hollywood party 2011
I wouldn't normally do a style steal post but I fell in love with this outfit on LC from last year. The items are all available in her Paper Crown collection but it WILL cost you an arm a leg unlike my lipstick from yesterdays post.

Anywho, I was determined to get a lace skater skirt and have managed to find one extremely similar! I unlike LC can't walk for my life in a pair of heels so a comfy pair of pumps it is!

Those of you who know me will know I adore Lauren Conrad. She came across extremely well in her reality tv series and the fact she left the show to TRY and have a more peaceful life makes me love her more. Her style has always been a hit in my eyes and I haven't seen an outfit on the lady which shows any flaws! Not only is she beautiful she's got the brains too! I've read her series of books and they are worth the purchase if you were obsessed with The Hills...

She's has given us the best quotes and words of wisdom EVER and throughout her TV series she went through normal girl drama with normal girl feelings! You can tell she is not after fame, fame, fame like some of my other celeb idols ahem*Kim K*ahem. It would be impossible for me to choose just one favourite quote so, here are a few of my favourites... (This was really hard, if you like what you read you need to get some more of her quotes in your life!)

Anyway I love you LC!! p.s Happy Belated Birthday! (I know she won't read this, but cut a girl some slack!)

What do you think, a good style steal? Who's that celeb you just can't get enough of?


  1. Her sense of style has gotten so much nicer since she left The Hills. I love this look, she looks lovely!! And I've always wanted to read her novels xx

  2. oohhh simaaa i love the way you write makes you wana read more!! miss you cant wait to see you ;) Love you xx

  3. Lovely post! She seems quite down to earth, i like her quotes! She also had awesome style! xx

  4. NIce! Maybe we can follow each other? Don't forget like me on Facebook! Kisses :*

  5. I am a huge Lauren Conrad fan! This is a great post x

  6. I'm such a bog fan of Lauren....shes amazing !!
    Great blog, Im now following :)
    Feel free to check out mine too:

    Erika xx

  7. That is such a good copy. I love the outfit you've created.
    I love Lauren Conrad, her Style book is soo good, can't wait til her Beauty book becomes available.

    Laura xoxo

  8. oo! i like the H&M blouse, hope they still have it

  9. I love the covers of all her books too! Do you follow the website The beauty Department?
    Lauren is all over'll love it!

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