Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How To Fix a Broken Blusher in the UK!

Hello ladies, now you may wonder why I have put 'in the UK' for this blog post title.

For those of you who have searched blogs on how to do this they always say to use alcohol and in the UK we can't buy that stuff but I have found the alternative! SURGICAL SPIRIT! It's available from Boots and I'm sure many other places. It does exactly the same thing as what they call rubbing alcohol in America.. HOORAY

I'm sure you all have watched many a youtube video on this subject but the best by far is Kandee Johnsons which you can find here. Her tutorial was easy to follow and has mended one of my favourite bronzers so I am a happy lady :)

If you're trying to fix a broken eye shadow or blush I recommend you watch her tutorial but here is the 'break' down of how I did it.

What you will need:
  • Broken product
  • Surgical Sprit
  • Tissue or an old t-shirt (I used an old t-shirt. Just cleared my cupboard a few days before so had loads to choose from)
  • A Ziploc bag
  • A small brush just to tidy the edges
  • And an item to press. I ended up using a smaller blusher. You will see why in a few pictures.

1. Put your broken item in to the zip lock bag. Using the end of an old blusher brush or anything really crush all the entire product down so it looks like a pigment or Barry M Dazzle dust.

2. After you have done that you should having something that looks like the above. 

3. Pour some surgical spirit into the lid of the bottle. Now, slowly and carefully (because it stinks) pour it over the product. This is what will help it all stick back together, you want to pour enough but not too much. Just so it is dampish all over but not like a runny texture.

 4. Get your blusher or pressing item and wrap it in the tissue or old t-shirt. This is to pack the product together again so it sticks. I used a normal MAC blusher as it fits perfectly in to the bronzer.

5. Press down firmly on to the product. As you can see from the below picture it leaves a small imprint of the fibres which I wasn't too fussed about. 

6. VOILA! You have your favourite product back. I'm not going to lie this does smell a bit like surgical spirit but I'm not complaining as I have my favourite bronzer back and will get much more use out of it than I would have if it was a compact full of crumbs!

My bronzer was still damp when taking this picture.
Wait a few hours or overnight before use :)
The surgical spirit cost somewhere between £4 and £5 and I think it's defo worth having under your kitchen sink. I'm sure there are many other uses for it like creating newspaper print nails! (A post coming up over the next week). I am so so pleased to have this item back the texture of the product is slightly less powdery to how it was originally (think I used too much spirit). However, like I said it's better than a compact full of crumbs. 

Have you used this technique before, or did you do something different that I haven't? 


  1. This is such a good tutorial! Definitely bookmarking, I have broken so many blushers (by accident!) and hate using them when they're broken into loads of pieces! xo


  2. I love this tip! I get an oil burner to melt lip glosses and lipstick to make new ones too :D x x x

  3. This is such a good idea, so glad I have seen this my diors always break

  4. YES! I am so glad you showed this. I need to do this, today~ ha.

    FOllow each other?

  5. Glad so many of you have found this useful! Love the lipstick tip - thanks Annabel! xx

  6. Great idea! Thanks...

  7. So cool, thanks for sharing!


  8. Wow! This is such a great and helpful idea!

    Thankyou for sharing sweetie! xxx

  9. The tut was really helpful! I'm so gonna try this on my broken eyeshadows xoxo

  10. Glad so many of you found it useful! xx

  11. I usually throw out broken blushers and powders but this is so useful!xx

  12. Great post.. I hate having to throw away something broken. i keep thinking OMG im like throwing away 50% of the product so I may as well thorw my money in the bin! And its so simple to fix!!

  13. Mine came out as more of a cream, because I think I also used too much spirit, but I don't mind as I was meaning to fix my blusher for ages and this was super helpful and easy to follow! Definitely saved this post! Thank you!