Saturday, 7 January 2012

Maybelline Eyes

Maybe it's Maybelline

Well that doesn't sound cliche AT ALL! :)

Anywho, as you all know for Christmas I got a Maybelline Falsies mascara and eyeliner....

Here are the eyes I created using both the products...I LOVE a brand new eyeliner. I can never get a pencil as sharp as it is when you first buy it. Does anyone have a really good pencil sharpener? Or is it just impossible to get a really sharp pencil after your first use?

Anway, here it is...

Ohh and I used MAC woodwinked on my eye lids :)

Has anyone else used Maybelline Falsies? I really like the mascara and the eye liner is a hit!


  1. Tht falsies is rele good! Bu I now use the yellow collosal one..which is amazing if u wana give it a try! Bu the falsies works amazing on u! Xx loves u chandni xx

  2. Unfortunately I didn't have much luck with my falsies mascara - it was too wet for my lashes which kinda sucks but I'll probably let it dry out a bit and give it another try!

    I've gone through LOADS of pencil sharpeners too cos I like my pencils to be super sharp! My favourite one is by 17; it's a little black tube, one end is for regular pencils and the other is for thick pencils. I got mine from Boots and it was only about £3

  3. I love Maybelline. I'm so hooked on the Falsies mascara. And the eyeliner looks great. Need to try it out.