Friday, 6 January 2012

Sale Purchases!

Hey Big Spender......

This year I've kept sale shopping to the minimum - I've decided to save my pennies for bigger and better things for later on in the year!

Anyway I did however spend a whole FIVE POUNDS ££££ on these beauties from Miss Selfirdge! After having a quick after work mooch around the shops I saw these and decided they were bargains of the century and a completely necessary purchase.

A belt - Don't need to justify this obviously after eating so much in December and then being very well behaved with my eating and exercising in January I WILL need one of these (won't I). It's very cute and bows are always in fashion. That's what LC said anyway - that's Lauren Conrad for those of you don't know (tut tut)

Bracelet - A chunky bracelet perfect for adding a bit of sophistication.... I have so many big bracelets this is just another one to the collection. I have so much jewellery that I don't wear as much as I should so I'm hoping these new accessories will remind me of the hidden gems in my jewellery box.

Earrings - I'm not a big earrings person, I'm more about the bracelet and rings but these were matching and for a whole 100p I thought what the heck! 

With Spring right around the corner and beige skinny jeans still being in these are the most versatile accessories ever. You can never have too much orange, well I certainly can't. Such a warm colour that will just go perfectly well with so many things! If our weather continues to be this unpredictable and the next 6 months are as grey as the last, these will be perfect for brightening up any outfit!

Did you manage to find any good sale bargains? Do you also own lots of Jewellery you've forgotten all about? 


  1. What bargains!! I haven't had much luck in the sales, everything I had my eye on has remained full price :(

    I especially love your new belt!

    Jen X

  2. Love the things you bought hun, especially the belt!

  3. that belt is soo cute =)... great blog xx

  4. I know! I'm in love with the belt :) my fav out of the three! Did any of you girlies get any good purchases? xx