Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cat Like Eyes

According to Vogue 'Cat Like Eyes' are going to be a big trend this S/S alongside Statement Liner (according to Glamour) so I thought I would try out a few flicks and experiment with my new Maybelline Gel Liner. Gel liners are all craze at the minute so I hope you left your liquid liners in 2011!

Here are a 5 different eyes I created, I've also shown my closed eye so you know what kind of shape your aiming for if you wanted to try and recreate any of them at home. My biggest tip is to ALWAYS stretch your skin to make it easier to draw on and ALWAYS finish the 'wing' with your eye open so you can see what your 'wing' will look like to others.

My Top Tips for applying Top liner
  • Stretch the skin around your eye with the hand your not using (if you can). This makes it easer to draw the line.
  • Follow the shape of your eye, gradually building on the thickness. 
  • To add an extra cat like effect fill in your top waterline (carefully). This also adds thickness to your lashes and makes them look longer. 
  • If you are going for a squared look (third one down) work your way from the outside in. Defining the square end first.
  • Go over your liner for a more defined look, giving your eyes that extra 'pop'!
  • Last but not least.....Practise, Practise, Practise. 
I never usually wear top liner during the week it's one of those added effects I use on special occasions only. But what's the fun in that! I will defo be trying out a few of these during the week let's just hope I don't turn up to work with a panda eye instead of a cat!

Which 'flick' is your favourite? Will you be going all cat eyed for Spring/Summer this year?


  1. Great post. I've just started using the Maybelline Gel eyeliner and its great to have some inspiration on ways to use it :) xx

  2. The last one is definitely my favourite flick :) x

  3. Loving this post, I normally draw very thin line, just to make it look like I have more lashes, without the wing. x