Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Ring....

It's a ring thing....

No I'm not getting married, engaged or anything cray cray like that I just thought I would share one of my favourite rings at the moment. It's making me feel all summery and really is quite a unique design!

I bought this from Miss Selfridge a while a go and have only just got it out the jewellery box to wear!

I'm a big believer that an accessory can change an outfit for the better, especially unique designs like this.

I'm reading George Orwell 1984 at the moment and the guy was a living legend. He practically predicted the future 90 odd years ago! If you haven't read it or even considered reading it you NEED to. 

What do you think and what's your favourite piece of jewellery to liven up an outift? 


  1. 1984 is a good read, if you are enjoying that you may also like The Handmaids Tale. It is the same type of thing.

    Lovely shell ring, really unique.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion!! :) will put it on my to read list! x

  2. Such a pretty ring, love it!

  3. It's really pretty. I collect shells whenever I visit a beach!

    The doll on fashion

  4. I've tagged you for an 11 questions tag, check it out on my page! :)

  5. this is so cute! lovely blog x