Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's not a beauty review......

I promised myself that this would not be a blog of reviews. However, it would most definitely be against Simderella law if this first post wasn’t about -.-.-.

Reading a blog post on Latest in Beauty made me feel certain that my first official post could be nothing but about -.-.- If you were a follower of my last blog and haven't already guessed which brand -.-.- I'm talking about - you would go to jail, you would not pass go & you would not collect £200.

This is a beauty brand that I admire for many reasons. I just love everything they stand for and when I see a new release I actually get a sparkly feeling inside.
  • They're are one of the first cosmetics brand to have a recycling programme and doing a bit for the environment is a must (ethical stance - tick). 
  •    They bring out a beauty range every year, endorsed by an eccentric celebrity to represent their brand with all profits going to charity (helping others - tick).
  • They bring out limited edition collections. Which I always look forward to as the packaging is always unique and well themed (pretty things - tick)
  • Originally created for the runway and today used by many lovely ladies and even lads! (quality - tick)
Guessed it yet?

The list could go on forever but I won't bore you too much tonight. Go online and treat yourself to one of their   glam products and give yourself a pat on the back because you must love -.-.- as much as I do.

It is of course..........M.A.C - Makeup, Art, Cosmetics ♥ 

Make up, Art, Cosmetics

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