Sunday, 30 October 2011

I've got a spell on you....

To get in to the spirit of Halloween for the first time in my whole existence we had a Halloween 'carve off'. When I say 'carve off' it merely means two people carving pumpkins for the fun of it there was no competition or prize involved!

I'm not going to lie I'm extremely impressed with the outcome of our plump pumpkins we went for the pretty and scary theme. As it's still the Eve of Halloween and you all still have time to run out and get a good pumpkin (if you're lucky, they were nearly sold out yesterday) I thought I would give you the low down of how to carve!

Step 1
Choose 'the right' pumpkin. It can’t be too short, to skinny or mouldy. We found 2 plumpish roundish ones which I forgot to take a picture of!

Step 2
Choose the perfect pattern. We went for a beautiful bow and a scary smile, then draw them or trace them on to your pumpkin using a Biro. This makes for easy carving.

Step 3
Now it's time to get your carve on! Firstly you need to cut out a lid so your pumpkin can be filled with scary tea lights. Draw a circle or square around the stalk and carefully using a knife carve at an angle toward the middle of your pumpkin. Carving straight down will mean your lid will not sit back on top of your pumpkins head.

Step 4
Scoop out the guts! Using a spoon carefully get rid of the pumpkin pulp and seeds. Don't throw them away as it can be used for making toasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soups! Once you have a clean looking pumpkin your ready for step 5.

Step 5
Next using single knife strokes (stabs) carve around your shape that you wish to give your pumpkin. This has to be done very carefully and you must have patience with your masterpiece. After, get rid of any extra pumpkin pulp inside and make an indent for your candle to sit. Lastly, light your tea lights, put on the lid and watch people drive past your house slowly to take a peek!

Ta Da!