Friday, 16 December 2011

How to look after your skin in the Winter.

My top tips for wonderful Winter skin!

  • Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise - The cold winds can dry out the oil in your skin so a good moisturiser is required in the morning and evening. I've swapped my normal moisturiser to a slightly more greasier one as my skin needs its. I have also invested in a tube of E45 to help any dry patches to a speedy recovery. Don't forget your lips they needs some TLC too.
  • Plenty of water - This is vital all year round but especially in the Winter. Temperature changes from warm central heating and icy outdoors plus the odd Coca Cola (because it's cold outside and we're all tired) can really dehydrate your skin!
  • Avoid face wipes - The alcohol in face wipes can once again strip your skin from vital oils that are needed to prevent dryness. Try a make up remover and cotton wool. 
  • Turn the heating down - WHAT! yes that's right turn it down or let in some cool air for ventilation. Like I said above the sudden difference between cold outdoors and toasty indoors sends your skin into overdrive. Your pores don't know if their opening or closing and this upsets them a lot! Open your windows for ten minutes to let in some fresh air to restore all the moisture your radiators suck out.
  • Lastly - The small things like not getting enough sleep and extra hot showers don't help any time of the year and especially the colder months. So use it as an excuse to get some sleep and as much as we love hot showers going from hot to cold is no good for our faces!
These are 5 obvious commandments to stick to all year round that can be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of December. Hopefully this refresher will help keep your skin in top shape.

Do you do anything else in the colder months? How do you prepare your skin for Winter? I know moisturiser is my skins BFF this time of year. 

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  1. Great tips. My skin gets really dry in the winter, so I'll definitely try these.