Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Iris Apfel Collection for M.A.C Cosmetics ♥

Hello dolls!

How are you all doing? I'm still denying the fact I've eaten my body weight in chocolate treats in the past week (a minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips) and still window shopping the sales online as I'm saving my every penny for 2012! *Sigh*

On a better note guess what the the first M.A.C Collection for 2012 is......

Iris Apfel!

Iris wearing her collection!
Photo kindly borrowed from M.A.C
Who is she and why is she M.A.C worthy you ask?
  • One of fashions beloved icons - making Iris and M.A.C a match made in heaven!
  • She has inspired everything from jewellary ranges to fashionista students.
  • Her BFF is colour, her style and multiple accessories (as you can see from the above)
So it's only naturally that the beauty worlds most innovative brand take on her love for colour and style to kick start 2012!

Most of the collection is named after birds because Iris said so...I've managed to find a few images to share with you and boy do these colours make me excited for Spring, 2012 and M.A.C's first collection of the year!

From Left to Right 
Silver Gull  

Robin’s Egg 
Diamond Dove 
Early Bird 

From Left to Right 
Oriele Orange 

Toco Toucan  
From Left to Right
Entertain Me 

Embrace Me 
I'm loving the colours in this collection especially the corals and pinks! Even though I'm just getting over the festive period it's making me look forward to Spring - My favourite names are Diamond Dove and Toco Toucan props to ever came up with those! Do any of the names pop out at you?

Are you excited for this collection?

**The information from today's blog post have been taken from various sources through stalking my favourite brand M.A.C Cosmetics**