Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Day Summary!

Yesterday was one of my favourite Christmas Day's to date - if at all possible and here is why!
  • Woke up extremely late.
  • Opened presents I wasn't expecting to get including some fab nail polishes, my dream bag!!!!!!! and lip glosses which I can't wait to wear!
  • Ate everything to my hearts content.
  • The Wii came out and teaching my dad how to play was hilarious. 
  • Watched Eastenders for the first time in a year and my god I'm glad I don't watch it. No one even cracks a smile.
  • Talk is in the air of potentially going some where hot for Christmas next year - ekkk!
  • Did I say I got my DREAM bag?!!
  • All in all it was a family filled day...What more could you ask for?
Here are a few other presents I was lucky to receive from some extra special people....Very grateful for everything I have been blessed with and everyone I have around me...

Maybelline Falsies Mascara & Eyeliner
Serena Glam Slam Collections for O.P.I
One Day by David Nichols & 1984 by George Orwell
Laura Mercier - Mini Lip Glace Set
This evening is going to be spent watching Bridesmaids and cramming in as much sleep before I work at a Sale Day tomorrow!

Did you all get what you wished for and more this Christmas?  What has been your favourite festive film to watch?


  1. i love o.p.i nail varnish!
    and i love watching love actually at christmas :)
    laur x

  2. I love 1984, its a really good read. Loads of people have recommended One Day but I haven't got around to getting a copy yet!

  3. I read the book of One day last year..amazing. The film just doesnt compare!

    Great blog

  4. That Laura Mercier lip gloss set looks divine!

  5. I can't wait to read the books either! Or try out the glosses too! O.P.I make the best polishes too! xx