Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pretty Peacock Eyes using E.L.F Cosmetics

Without a doubt Peacocks are the prettiest in the animal kingdom and my second fav animal after elephants! Yes that's right elephants.

Seeing as all the latest fashion and beauty trends are slightly animal inspired I decided to create some pretty Peacock eyes using the free gift I got with my E.L.F cosmetics order. I was slightly worried at what the quality would be like on this clutch palette but I can assure you it is up to Simderella standards! I have quite dark eyes and the colours covered extremely well with a medium/high pigment. I would definitely recommend e.l.f for their products and their make up brushes. All of the ones I have used have been perfect for what I have needed them for and they're a bargain starting at £1.50. You can see which ones I purchased here.

The set contains 32 eye shadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer, face shimmer, eyebrow powder, eyebrow cream and various lipglosses! 

Anyway here is what I managed, I'm not going to lie I did do a bit of googling and found a good YouTube tutorial to follow as a rough guide!


 And here is another design I had a play around with.

*I used all the colours from my clutch palette, e.l.f gel cream liner and Dior Show Iconic mascara.

Anywho what do you think? They're not wearable but still pretty as a Peacock. Has anyone else tried to create a similar look?


  1. Yes, now I love the red cups and the Tiffany blue cups!
    Oh that blue look stunning against your eyes, mine are blue so I look terrible with blue next to them.

  2. I am not nearly talented enough to be able to recreate these looks but I do love the colors!
    And a little secret... elephants are my favorite too! :-)